I get this question a lot and I’ve always found it to be really amusing. No offense to those who ask – but picture your Thanksgiving table. There is a turkey or ham in the middle surrounded by sweet potato casserole, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, corn or corn casserole, cranberries, breads and muffins, and some kind of salad (or two). It’s a vegetarian bounty!! My plate is filled to overflowing and last time I looked, your two pieces of turkey were balanced precariously on top of your mountain of mashed potatoes because there was no more room on your plate. I’m not missing very much!

Having said that, it is not uncommon for many of those wonderful veggie dishes to not be truly vegetarian. Many of the casseroles and stuffings are often made with a chicken or beef broth so I do have to be careful. There are easy remedies to that which I’ll discuss in an upcoming post.

One of my favorite Thanksgiving dinners through recent years has been at Pam and Randy’s house. For many years we gathered at their home for a wonderful dinner with our skydiving friends. Pam cooked all day, Randy made his famous pumpkin roll, and if you got there early enough, you could help him “clean up the edges” for serving. That first year, Pam decided to make portobello mushrooms with a vegetarian gravy as a special treat for the two vegetarians at the table. I still dream about those mushrooms and that gravy because I’ve never been able to make it quite as good as Pam.  Curiosity got the best of many of the non-vegetarians at the table, several of them had to try this mushroom thing that we were raving about, and it wasn’t too many Thanksgivings later that Pam had to start cooking more mushrooms for the non-vegetarians to share! If you were a vegetarian, you got first priority and an entire mushroom cap for yourself. Ha! Yum….we get good food!

This year, my husband and I had a quiet Thanksgiving at home. I made a wonderful bulgur mushroom pilaf for the main dish with a sweet potato and apple casserole as a side. Pumpkin pie with real whipped cream served as a very traditional dessert.

Sound good? For me, there are just too many other great things to eat. I don’t miss the meat at all.