I thought it would be fun to share some of our favorite quick weeknight dinners. There isn’t anything really special or gourmet about any of these and there are no hand-written recipes. These “throw-together” dinners work well when I’m not feeling creative, or the grocery budget is low, or I just want something quick. Feel free to share some of your favorite, quick dinners in the comments section!

  • Baked Potatoes with a side of broccoli –  Potatoes are usually on hand as are frozen vegetables. If I am home and just don’t have a lot of time to spend in the kitchen, I’ll bake them in the oven. Otherwise, a microwave works just fine. Toss a little butter and fresh garlic with the veggies to flavor them up. Serve the potatoes with: butter or….butter and sour cream or….. cheese or…. mozzerlla cheese and salsa or…..put the broccoli ON the potato or…..
  • Veggie Tacos – I keep Morningstar Veggie crumbles in the freezer.  Cook with taco seasoning just like you would meat (only its faster!). Serve with your preferred taco fillings. (Onion,  tomato, and cheese are our favorites. Sometimes we add lettuce and cilantro.)
  • Pizza  – (This is sometimes a standby and sometimes an all day endeavor depending on whether I make the sauce from scratch or not.) I always make enough dough in my breadmaker for two crusts and then freeze one. I can pull it out mid-morning to defrost, roll it out about 20 minutes before we want to eat, load it with veggies, sauce, and cheese and bake! If you don’t want to make dough, buy a Boboli crust or pre-made dough from the grocery store.
  • Leftover Pasta – Pasta with whatever leftover veggies we have. Sometimes, I just toss the pasta with a little olive oil, cheese and garlic. Fresh sauteed tomatoes and onions are always nice to add to the mix as well. Saute any veggies that sound good to you in a skillet with garlic and oregano, then toss with the pasta. Top with whatever fresh cheese you have.
  • Leftover enchiladas or burritos – Start with a can of refried beans or black beans. If using black beans, drain and rinse first. Mix the beans with cheese (if available and desired) as well as salsa or taco sauce (whatever you have on hand). Fill a tortilla, roll it up and microwave until hot. Top with more cheese and/or salsa. Also add any combination of the following if available – corn, can of diced jalapenos, diced fresh onion, cilantro, leftover brown or mexican-style rice, olives, diced squash, diced fresh tomato, leftover grilled vegetables, sour cream or plain yogurt. The combinations are endless!
  • Veggie Hot Dogs – Our favorites are Jalapeno Cheddar dogs from Veggie Patch. Usually found in the refrigerated deli cases with other organic foods. I buy a few packs at a time and freeze them.
  • Cheese and crackers – OK  – this isn’t really “dinner” but I will confess that we sometimes treat it that way. I won’t even pretend that it is particularly healthy. Stack a variety of cheeses with crackers and maybe some sliced fruit on a plate and enjoy.  A glass of red wine adds a gourmet touch.