I have amazing friends and family. Most of my friends are not vegetarian and none of my family members are but every one of them has gone out of their way on occasion to feed me excellent vegetarian meals. You all have no idea how much this is appreciated! In fact, several of my old stand-bys and quick week night meals were originally given to me by non-vegetarian friends.

  • From Mish, quick veggie chili and Jane’s tacos
  • From Robin (A carnivore to the core), the “world’s best vegetarian chili”
  • Pam’s portobello mushrooms
  • Espen made a gourmet squash dish for us one year that should have been on the cover of a magazine it looked and tasted so good!
  • Pat’s macaroni and cheese
  • Mr. Drumheller’s squash pizza
  • Teresa’s mushroom marsala

Robin has also made us vegetarian ribs that were so life-like that if I hadn’t watched him make them, I would never have eaten them! They are a bit time-consuming and so I haven’t tried making them myself yet although I am tempted to try it while Kyle’s parents are here this month. (Surprise!) I am actually quite overwhelmed when I think about how much time our friends and families have taken to ensure that there is something good to eat when I come to visit. I can’t possibly mention every wonderful dish but I hope ALL of you know how incredibly thankful I am for you and how much I enjoy your wonderful meals.