I like fondue. I remember fondue being a really special treat when I was a kid and really enjoying the process and being able to dip my food into so many great sauces. This was back when I still ate meat occasionally but I think the beef cubes were probably just a holder for the sauces.  Mom made a yellow curry sauce that was one of my favorites.

I have the old fondue pot now and I have to say that it is much more challenging to come up with good vegetarian fondue recipes, especially if you want to stay away from the hot oil kinds of fondues. Just dipping vegetables in broth is boring to me. Cheese fondues are the next obvious choice. I love a good cheese fondue! Have you ever tried to make a cheese fondue, though? Yikes! It’s not as easy as it looks and the cheeses that most of my recipes call for are expensive! My first attempt about two years ago resulted in a  stringy, clump of cheese that never really melted properly. It tasted good but required some gymnastics to get it out of the fondue pot and onto the bread. No casual dunking or swirling – if I remember correctly, we may have even given up on the fondue forks with that one. This year, I tried a cheese and onion fondue that was much easier. It is not a traditional cheese fondue – it has no alcohol and is chunky instead of creamy. It was quick, easy, and could be eaten using a fondue fork. These are all good qualifications for me!