Bags of spinachWe joined a CSA (  this year and got our first box of produce last Wednesday. Ahhhhh…I havve never tasted such amazing fresh spinach!  We got several bags of fresh spinach, two bags of arugula and some green onions……Since there are only two of us and Kyle isn’t a huge fan of spinach, I wondered how we’d get it all eaten.  A big spinach and arugula salad the first night, followed by some spinach enchiladas and another big salad and suddenly the creative juices were rolling. I could eat arugula every night.  I came up with a great chilied rice and corn that was served warm on a bed of argula. I’ll have to come up with a recipe at some point and post it because it was devine. Needless to say, we ended up having NO problems eating everything!

I’m off to pick up another delivery this afternoon…..yummm. I’ll try to post more about our spring and summer experiences with this.  So far, I have never tasted anything better. I cannot stop thinking about this glorious, fresh food!