As I came down our driveway earlier this week, I noticed that a few figs had finally ripened on our tree. As soon as I parked the car, I just had to go straight to the tree to pop the first fig of the season into my mouth. What a treat to stand under that old tree on a summer evening enjoying fresh, luscious figs! There are a good number of old fig trees in yards around this city. I always wonder how many people take advantage of this wonderful food right in their own backyards.  I am so grateful to whomever planted those trees long ago.  We have an unofficial agreement with the birds that figs beyond our reach belong to them and figs within our reach belong to us. As long as we harvest our figs as soon as they are ripe, the agreement holds fairly well. I have a vegetarian grilling book that has several recipes for grilled figs. Sometime this summer, we’ll be trying that. The figs we pick usually don’t last long enough to become part of a recipe…straight from the tree to a bowl to our mouths is the usual process.

I don’t have any pictures but ran across a great post on someone else’s blog with pictures and facts about figs: Figs in cherry caramel sauce. The photos the author has taken are beautiful and she has compiled a wealth of useful information about figs so rather than try to replicate that, I encourage you to visit her page!