I just picked up our CSA box for the week and what a bounty it is! I looked all over Columbia a year or so ago for Asian long beans and what do you think I found in my box this week? That’s right – a bundle of long beans! I’ll have to get that Thai cookbook out again.  We also got small eggplants, Japanese Soyu Cucumbers (the biggest cucumbers I’ve ever seen!), a large yellow squash, green peppers, mixed bag of basil, pink-eyed peas (yummmm…can’t wait for these!), okra….and I’m probably leaving something out. We will be eating well this weekend.  Since I don’t usually have time on Wednesdays to do lots of cooking, tonight will be a big salad and leftover homemade pizza loaded with basil from the garden.  Stay tuned for an update on the good eats we will enjoy over the weekend!

A few nights ago, we came home from a two night excursion to find that our refrigerator and freezer had completely defrosted. It was warmer in the freezer than in the kitchen itself. We lost almost everything which was very discouraging…the okra I had picked two by two all summer and frozen until we had enough to do something with….the strawberries I had picked earlier in the summer….the pizza sauce I’d made from a friend’s fresh tomatoes…and on and on.  God is good…with the bounty in our box today, I feel like we could start all over again now and still have some good, fresh food saved for winter.