Time flies and I promised an update on all the great things we’ve been eating with our CSA food! By the way, there are some nice recipes in the newsletters provided by Five Leaves farm each week.

1. Stir fry: The eggplants, long beans, pepper, and basil went into a stir fry that was served over some Carolina Gold rice. I started with sesame oil and thai red curry paste then added the veggies along with a bit of soy sauce, coconut milk and lime juice. I bought the curry paste this time. There is a vegetarian version available from Thai Kitchen, which is a brand carried at our local grocery store, but it is just not as good as making it from scratch. Having said that  – I’ve only made Thai curry paste once because it was such a hassle to track down the ingredients. it’s really too bad – the commercial version has a lot of heat but very little flavor and every time I use it, I feel like something is missing from the dish. I think we each got two meals out of this.

2. Creamy squash linguine: The squash was cooked down into a creamy pasta sauce spiked with hot red pepper and served over linguine. This recipe was included in our CSA newsletter and was quite good! We each got one dinner and then I had leftovers for lunch.

3. Pink-eyed peas and okra: The okra was nice and small so I roasted it and sprinkled herbed goat cheese on top. (The next week I braised it and sprinkled herbed goat cheese on top – that was a little better.)  The peas were cooked with some diced tomato, onion, and spices (cumin and cayenne). This was one dinner for each of us.

4. Cucumbers: My husband is not a huge fan of cucumbers so I made a tzatziki-like sauce for myself and had veggie gyros all week for lunch. A friend had given me a head of lettuce and I picked up some good flat bread and hummus at the store. I layered the hummus, lettuce, and cucumbers on the flat bread, sprinkled with feta cheese and poured the tzatziki sauce over the top.