If I had known last night was going to be such a momentous occasion, I would’ve taken a picture. As is often the case when given a dish he’s not sure about, my husband gave me a funny look when I handed him the plate with stuffed squash and long beans. I was very excited about this dinner. The squash was from our CSA as were the long beans. I had fixed a pilaf like rice dish cooked with vegetable broth and filled with cashews and dried fruits, inspired by my friend Pam at a Thanksgiving dinner several years ago. After splitting the butternut squash in half and roasting it, I stuffed it with the rice. The long beans were blanched, topped with herbed goat cheese, and served on the side.


After taking a few bites, my husband told me how much he was enjoying the squash.  After scraping every last bit of squash off the peel, he told me he didn’t like squash. Not only that, this was the first squash he had ever eaten! No wonder he gave me a funny look… what a great husband I have that he was willing to take a risk on it! He has requested that the same dish be on the menu next week. Perhaps then, I’ll take a picture.