Vegetarian Thanksgiving dinner

 This post is for anyone who would like to see a Thanksgiving dinner plate in a vegetarian home! The main dish was a bulghur and mushroom pilaf  cooked in a veggie/apple juice broth and topped with feta cheese. Next was potatoes au gratin made with an herbed goat cheese and topped with parsley, and then finally a side of buttered peas. The bread was home baked and came out of the oven less than 5 minutes prior to the picture being taken. Yummmm! Our dessert was an organic pumpkin pie from Earthfare with fresh whipped cream and coffee ground from whole beans that had been locally roasted the day prior.

We had a second Thanksgiving dinner with friends on Saturday night. For that, I took the pilaf and Pat’s jalapeno corn casserole since someone else was already bringing mashed potatoes. That was a pretty good veggie plate too! Pilaf, mashed potatoes, corn casserole, green beans, cranberry goo, coleslaw and macaroni and cheese. I wonder if anyone noticed that my husband who is NOT a vegetarian didn’t have any meat on his plate! There were too many good “side” dishes! We were all so stuffed that we had to save the many desserts for breakfast the next morning.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. What other day is focused solely on staying home and eating good food all day with friends? In all seriousness, both Kyle and I love the chance to slow down and focus on all of the things for which we are so thankful.  A summer of abundant fresh food and the time to prepare it, great friends, beloved family, a warm and comfortable home, and a free country. (And that’s the short list!)