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I’ve been quite remiss at getting this particular blog written and posted. I promised our nephew a week or more ago that this post was imminent. And yet, the camera couldn’t be found, I needed more than one dish for pictures, excuses, excuses.

When our nephew, Espen, visited a few weeks ago, he convinced Kyle to buy me a food processor. I had broken the small one that Kyle had several years before and while I continued to use the chopping blade, it really wasn’t big enough for the dishes I wanted to make with it (like big batches of hummus or baba ganoush). I found myself processing in batches while getting splatters all over the kitchen. I like to research so I had a vague idea what I wanted but was still trying to convince myself that I would use one of these monsters enough to justify the cost. After all, the little one probably only came out once a month and I’ve never been a big fan of using a food processor to slice things – I can do it with a sharp knife almost as fast and there’s a lot less to clean.

We went to lunch at one of our favorite stores in Columbia – The Gourmet Shop and before I knew it, Espen was telling me that I should get a food processor and while I hemmed and haahed and confirmed that it was on my list of “someday” things to buy and “yes” my research says that it is probably one of these. I really don’t remember for sure. I’ll look it up on the Internet and we can come back. While I was going through all of this, Kyle and Espen decided that this must be the right food processor for me and soon Kyle was off to the register with a big box in his arms and reassurances that if this REALLY wasn’t right, I could bring it back.

We got it home and I buried my head in the manual trying to understand the directions. When I looked up to review all of the pieces, Espen had already gotten it together. Now, of course, we needed to make something! The first attempt to shred cheese made me too nervous since cheese was how I’d broken my last food processor so we switched to something more simple – an amazing Watermelon Sorbet inspired by an episode of Alton Brown’s Good Eats that we had all watched together. It was DELICIOUS – so delicious, that Kyle has stated he could almost give up ice cream if I kept homemade watermelon sorbet in the house instead.

After a few weeks with this food processor, I LOVE it! Since that first evening, I’ve made more melon sorbet, bread dough (turned out OK), pie crust dough (best pie crust dough I’ve ever made!), pesto, peanut butter, and sliced squash and cucumbers for side dishes just to try out the slicer.